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A PDF to lớn Word converter does just that: converts a PDF file, which can"t be edited with most software, to lớn a Microsoft Word format, like DOCX or DOC, which can be edited easily with many programs.

Renaming a PDF lớn a Word format like DOCX won't work. You have to use a program or service that can convert PDF khổng lồ Word before you can make changes lớn it. Once the changes are made, you can use a không tính phí PDF converter program to turn your Word document ​back inkhổng lồ a PDF file...if you want to lớn.

There are several completely không tính tiền programs và online services that can get the job done.

Some programs let you edit a PDF without converting it. On the other h&, if all you really want lớn vị is view the PDF file, you don"t need khổng lồ bởi vì any converting—see our các mục of free PDF readers for tools that open PDF files.


PDFMate has a tool aptly called PDF to lớn Word Converter that will save your PDF khổng lồ DOCX, the newest MS Word document file format. The program is remarkably simple, with zero options other than to lớn change the output thư mục. In our tests, it did a great job retaining nearly all the proper formatting & color.

Batch converting is supported, so you can throw in multiple PDFs to convert all of them lớn DOCX. A huge drawbaông xã, however, is that this is the không lấy phí version, so text found in the PDF will only be editable on the first three pages of the DOCX tệp tin that it creates. However, that may not be a concern depending on the PDF you happen lớn be converting to Word.

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We tested this PDF lớn Word converter in Windows 11, but it should work equally well in older versions as well, including Windows 10, 8, và 7.