Windows mạng internet explorer 9 which is codenamed Microsoft Edge is the new web browser from Microsoft that is completely rewritten to run on the Windows platkhung. The major difference between the old IE & the new one is the tool that is used for browsing the web. With the new version Microsoft Edge has a new tool called Microsoft Web Platform Toolkit which helps the website developers in creating websites. Many people are not very happy about this change but the reason is that the tool is now capable of supporting the Windows thiết bị di động platform as well. Another major change that was brought in the beta version of the new website browser is the increased security level that was incorporated inkhổng lồ it.

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Now every website users can enjoy the full features of internet 9 without having lớn wait for the downloading process of the Adobe Flash Player, which is a requirement in most of the websites. There are various other changes that you will have sầu lớn go through once you start using the new Microsoft Edge browser. But the major thing that most of the users are happy with is the new tab management system that is integrated in it. This system allows the user to have multiple open windows side by side and be able to manage them as you please.

If you are also planning to use the new Microsoft IE9 & want lớn know everything about the new version but are afraid of changing your desktop wallpaper then you should go for the trial version of the Windows operating system. There are several websites that offer you with the opportunity to download the Windows operating system in a complete version. All you need khổng lồ vị is khổng lồ visit the trang web và provide all the details about your computer lượt thích the manufacturer, the operating system etc. Once you provide the details the trang web will then transfer the file lớn your computer. Once you are done with downloading the tệp tin, you will also get a notification from the trang web that asks you lớn insert the USB drive sầu containing the Windows operating system disc in your computer.


Title:Internet Explorer 9 64-bit 9.0.8112.16421 for WindowsRequirements:Windows 8Language:EnglishAvailable languages:English,Arabic,Chinese,Czech,Danish,German,Greek,Spanish,Finnish,French,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Dutch,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Swedish,TurkishLicense:FreeDate added:Monday, August 23rd 2021Author:Microsoft



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