Headers và footers can be useful tools for organizing & identifying a document. A header is a section of information that is printed above sầu the body of the document, and a footer is a section of information that is printed below the body toàn thân of the document. Information in headers and footers is often static throughout a document (e.g., identifying the name of the document or supplying a page number).You may choose to lớn add a prephối header or footer lớn your document, or lớn create a custom header & footer.

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Using Prephối Headers và Footers

Preset headers và footers are provided by Excel, or can be taken from documents you have sầu used in the past.

From the View thực đơn, select Header và Footer...The Page Setup dialog box appears.


From the Header or Footer pull-down thực đơn, select a premix header or footer.

Cliông xã OK.The header or footer is applied to lớn the document.NOTE: The header or footer may display the header or footer code on your screen, but the text will be visible when the worksheet is printed.

Creating Custom Headers & Footers

You may want to lớn create your own headers or footers. You can adjust the font face & the size, add your own text, và add text that will be automatically updated with your document. Custom headers & footers may be added by using the HeaderFooter dialog boxes.

From the View menu, select Header and Footer...The Page Setup dialog box appears.

To customize the header, click Customize Header...ORTo customize the footer, clichồng Customize Footer...The Header or Footer dialog box appears.


In the Left section, Center section, & Right section text boxes, type or use the Header và Footer Elements below khổng lồ insert the desired information in each section of your header or footer

(Optional) To change the formatting of your text,Select the text you want to format.Cliông chồng Format Text.
The Font dialog box appears.

Make all desired formatting changes.Click OK.You are returned to lớn the Header/Footer dialog box.

When finished, click OK.The Header/Footer dialog box closes & you are returned khổng lồ the Page Setup dialog box.

Header & Footer Elements

Excel allows you khổng lồ create custom headers & footers by either typing your own text or adding specific text fields. The buttons available in the Header và Footer Elements group provide you with text fields that will automatically update the information displayed as your document changes. These elements can also be added to premix headers và footers to lớn customize your document.

The Code column in the table below shows the comm& that Excel will insert when the option is selected. Although you may see only the code when looking at your document, the code will be translated lớn the corresponding information when the sheet is printed.

NOTES: If you choose khổng lồ create a custom header or footer using the dialog box option, note that these buttons are also available in the Header và Footer dialog boxes. However, only the graphic part of the button will be visible in these dialog boxes.

&Inserts the page number.NOTE: Excel will count only the pages that have data in at least one cell.
&Inserts the total number of pages.NOTE: Excel will count only the pages that have data in at least one cell.
&Inserts the current date.
&Inserts the current time.
&Inserts the filename of the workbook.
&Inserts the name of the current worksheet.
&&Inserts the path & filename.
&Displays the Insert Picture dialog box so you can insert a picture.
NoneDisplays the Format Picture dialog box so you can adjust picture properties.

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NoneAvailable only in the HeaderFooter dialog boxes; displays the Font text box lớn adjust text formatting.

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