Shortcut virus has become a comtháng problem among muốn most computer users. In fact, this is not a virus but a form of VBS Script.

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To solve the problem when your computer or USB is infected with this Shortcut Virus you need khổng lồ do some simple steps on your computer.Here are some methods to remove sầu Virus Shortcut creation virus on USB & computer.

Method 1 (Recommended): Use HFV (Hidden Folder Virus) Cleaner Pro

Sometimes you connect a USB drive to lớn a PC or laptop lớn open files and folders. However, you only see empty Shortcut icons - they won"t open.

At that time, you were infected with a virut called Win32: Atraps-PZ . It will hide your files và folders & create shortcuts.

HFV (Hidden Folder Virus) is a tool to help you remove Virus khổng lồ create this Shortcut , and show files & folders bachồng to lớn their original way.

Step 1. Download HFV here :

Step 2: Run the tool by opening the downloaded tệp tin directly (without installation).

The first time you open, you will be asked to create a password for this software. It"s up to you lớn enter it.


Step 3: The software interface is as follows:


Step 4: Cliông chồng Browser to select the drive to remove sầu Virus Shortcut or select a folder. Cliông chồng Add if you want lớn select another drive sầu.

Step 5: Cheông xã Folder and Subfolders .

Step 6: Cliông xã Delete Virus lớn remove. After finishing running, cliông xã on Unhide Files.

So you have sầu eliminated the Virus created Shortcut and re-displayed the files và folders as originally.


For computer protection HFV (Hidden Folder Virus) has option for automatic Aukhổng lồ scan and removal. Also start up with the computer.

Tool >> AUTO >> Enable >> Quichồng Scan or Full Scan.


File >> Run At Startup >> Enable.


Thus your computer is protected from Shortcut Virus automatically by HFV.

Method 2: Use CMD


Step 1 : mở cửa CMD (Command Prompt - DOS) by opening Run (or press the Windows + R button) >> Type cmd và Enter. Either type Search in Start button (Windows 7 & earlier) or Type cmd into Charmbar Search on Win 8, 8.1, 10.

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Or on Win 8, 8.1, 10 press the shortcut Windows + X. You will see Command Prompt (Admin) press open is okay.