Are you encountering the Audio service error message One or more audio service isn’t running? If so, read on! In this post, we will outline the scenario in which you might experience this issue as well as provide the most appropriate solutions you can try lớn successfully resolve sầu the issue.

Do the following:

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Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.In the Run dialog box, type services.msc & hit Enter to open Services.In the Services window, scroll & locate the Windows Audio service.Right-cliông chồng the service và click Restart from the context menu.Next, double-cliông chồng on the service to lớn edit it’s properties. Make sure the Service status is running & the Startup type is mix to Automatic.Click Apply > OK khổng lồ save sầu changes.You should ensure that its Dependency Services are started & have sầu Automatic Startup type:Remote Procedure CallWindows Audio Endpoint BuilderIf the Multitruyền thông media Class Scheduler Service is present on your system, that too should be Started và mix on Automatic.Read: Audio services not responding.2> Update audio driversA missing or outdated audio driver may also trigger the issue. In this case, you can either update your drivers manually via the Device Manager or get the driver updates on the Optional Updates section under Windows Update.3> Reinstall audio drivers
To reinstall your audio drivers via Device Manager, vì the following:Press Windows key + X khổng lồ open the Power nguồn User Menu.Press M key on the keyboard khổng lồ open Device Manager.Once you’re inside Device Manager, scroll down through the danh sách of installed devices & expvà the Sound, video clip & game controllers category.For each audio device under that category, right-clichồng on it và select Uninstall device. Cliông xã Uninstall if prompted for confirmation.Restart your computer.On boot, kiểm tra, if the issue is resolved.Hope this helps!


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