In this article, I want to tell you how to lớn get Photosiêu thị for free safe. You’ll learn 4 legal ways lớn get không tính tiền Photosiêu thị software for professional pholớn editing, main disadvantages and dangers of piracy & an overview of the best miễn phí alternatives lớn Photocửa hàng CC.

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Free Adobe Photoshop Benefits

Market standard All-purpose software Easy concept of layers Many kiến thiết tools Increase resolution of images All image formats Many không lấy phí tutorials & plugins Good for making photo lớn montages Can create 3 chiều designs


How long may I use Photocửa hàng Free?

You may use the Free Trial version during 7 days lớn chạy thử all features before buying Photoshop.

How can I get a trial version of Photoshop CC?

Download & register for your trương mục in Creative Cloud, & after that, you can download a Photocửa hàng free trial version và other không tính tiền và paid Photosiêu thị apps.

Will the program be deleted after the trial period?

No. You will be asked lớn prolong your subscription by purchasing one of several paid subscriptions - Creative sầu Cloud All Apps or Single App. After your buy it, Photosiêu thị will be automatically licensed upon relaunch.

Is it a full version of the program?

Yes, this is a fully-fledged Photocửa hàng software with all the features that are available for a paid subscription. If you want to lớn save some money, I recommover using one of Adobe discounts.

Can I officially get the full free version of Photoshop?

You may use the Photosiêu thị Online Free Editor, get the CS2 version of a decade ago for không lấy phí, Photocửa hàng CC is only available in trial mode or by subscription. Besides, you can pay attention khổng lồ the sản phẩm điện thoại free photo lớn editing apps from Adobe.

Is it necessary to lớn register with Creative sầu Cloud?

Yes, it is. Now all Adobe products are available only through Creative sầu Cloud. Their separate work is impossible, & you need khổng lồ register even on Mobile devices.


3 Ways lớn Use Photosiêu thị Free

The easiest way to get Adobe Photocửa hàng for không tính phí, & maintain its full capabilities is a trial version. It is not permanent and lasts only 7 days after the registration.

There are three more ways to lớn use this software không lấy phí longer ‒ to lớn tải về its lademo Photosiêu thị CS2 version, simplified Photoshop Elements version or di động Photosiêu thị Express app.

Photosiêu thị CS2
(3/5) Reviews: 615 License: Trial Version Downloads: 13k Compatible: Win/Mac


Photoshop CS2 Benefits:

Non-destructive sầu editing Editing 32-Bit HDR images Raw files batch processing Manage vanishing points Red eye corrector

Not many people know, but Adobe gives away all CS2 programs, as well as Adobe Acrobat 7 for free. But bởi not be so happy that you now have a “slightly” old version of a popular phokhổng lồ editing software.

Photocửa hàng CS2 is over 10 years old, & accordingly all the problems that have been eliminated in the next versions remained here. There is no tư vấn for new formats, &, accordingly, there is no work with the Creative Cloud.

One of the problems is Adobe"s disclaimer, so the company will not assist you in correcting any malfunctions, i.e., there is no support from Adobe.

Photoshop Elements
(4/5) Reviews: 798 License: Trial Version Downloads: 137k Compatible: Win/Mac


Photosiêu thị Elements Benefits:

Cheap All image files tư vấn Collage templates Face- and geo-tagging Auto-tagging Free helpful guides

Adobe Photosiêu thị Elements was created for those people who vị not need all wide opportunities of Photoshop, but only its basic functions so that nothing could prsự kiện their use. It is a little more than Instagram or VSCO, but less than Photoshop.

You can download a 30-day Photoshop Elements không tính tiền trial version clocking on the button above because you will not find it in the product lists on the Adobe website. It is not in Creative sầu Cloud as well, and I vị not really understvà why.

The program contains many elements of Photoshop, including a full-fledged Camera RAW for the color correction. In general, this free Photocửa hàng alternative sầu is enough khổng lồ work with the primary image editing - trimming, color correction, basic retouching.

Photocửa hàng Express Mobile
(4.5/5) Reviews: 839 License: Free Downloads: 363k Compatible: iOS/Android/Windows
iOS | Android | Windows

Photosiêu thị Express Benefits:

Collage making One-touch transformations Auto-Fix Free borders, layouts, và backgrounds Creative sầu stickers, tattoos, và text styles Send lớn Photoshop Easy sharing

If you often work on sản phẩm điện thoại devices or a tablet, then you have sầu an absolutely không lấy phí & official version of Photocửa hàng – Adobe Photoshop Express. It is not limited in time and works with Creative Cloud và, moreover, it has its own cloud.

However, there is no function of convenient và full-fledged retouching. You will be able only lớn edit skin imperfections, and some more, otherwise there is the color correction và applying the filters.

The program is more like Photosiêu thị Express, not a full-fledged Photocửa hàng, but it is free, và this is an advantage.

Why Shouldn’t You Use the Pirated Version of Photoshop?

Many beginners, as well as amateurs, are tempted khổng lồ use Photosiêu thị CC illegally installing Photoshop torrents, as it saves their money.

Although I consider that $9.99/month, that is, $120/year is just ridiculous for such a powerful program as Photocửa hàng, especially you will get two additional versions of Lightroom & 20GB of cloud storage.

Many photographers are convinced that the subscription system is wrong, and that earlier it used khổng lồ be better when you just purchased it & forgot. But Photosiêu thị CS6 now costs more than $600, and it means that you can pay 5 years for the Photosiêu thị CC.

For this time, you will earn ten times more. People pay the same amount for Netflix or Apple Music with pleasure, but this doesn’t affect their careers at all, it’s just entertainment. But paying for something that helps you make money every day isn’t, no, why?

Forget about the Creative sầu Cloud và Cloud Services

A huge advantage of working with the Photoshop CC license is cloud software, as well as quiông chồng transition from Photosiêu thị khổng lồ Lightroom.


Using Pirated Software Is Illegal

If you want lớn continue your business for several years, and not pay a fine of $1,500 for using illegal programs, it makes sense lớn pay $10 for Photoshop monthly subscription.

You Are Professional Enough lớn Be Serious about Your Business

No one will work professionally with a photographer who uses illegal cracked Photoshop software, & if your career is really important khổng lồ you, vì chưng not use pirated software.

Help from the Phokhổng lồ Communities and Producers that will Support You

If you face any issue or Photocửa hàng lagging, you can always turn to Adobe tư vấn, where you get some help in solving your problems. In the pirated version, this function is unavailable for you.

Pirated Copies Are Invalid và Do Not Always Work as Planned

Due to lớn the absence of any updates và fixing the problems in the work, errors and failures will haunt you more & more, so it is better khổng lồ resist the temptation of getting a Photosiêu thị miễn phí tải về.

Free Alternatives

It’s very difficult khổng lồ find a completely không lấy phí Photocửa hàng alternative sầu, because this software is the most powerful photo editing program, & it has a very low price in comparison with its paid analogues.

But if using Adobe programs is not a matter of principle for you, and you want a full-fledged program for không lấy phí, then you can use programs lượt thích Photoshop.



If you want lớn have sầu an almost as powerful & functional sản phẩm like Adobe Photosiêu thị, GIMP is considered to be one of the best alternatives. It is not only không tính phí, but it also has open source software, which allows a huge number of users khổng lồ work on its improvement.

Thanks lớn this, many plug-ins and add-ons are written for GIMP, and it can also work with plug-ins for Adobe Photocửa hàng.

Another advantage of GIMP. image editing software is that it appeared in the mid-90s, & over the years, a huge number of free courses và instructions for working with it have accumulated on the web.

2. Colorcinch

Colorcinch is a user-friendly, web-based pholớn editor that appeals to lớn users with an abundance of tools, effects, và overlays. Another advantage is that you can get access lớn all the features right from your browser without having khổng lồ tải về files và install a program. The entire workflow boils down lớn dragging and dropping images & effects until you like the outcome.

The mix of tools include those for cropping, resizing, rotating photos, correcting exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, và shadows. Color correction instruments allow making images brighter, removing blurriness, và applying a vignette effect. There are special sliders lớn adjust the settings.

However, an image editing process can get really tiring & time-consuming if your Internet connection drops. This is a frequent problem if you have to perkhung complex tasks. Moreover, if your browser accidentally crashes before you save sầu the result, all your efforts will go in vain.

3. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is an old project created as an alternative sầu lớn Microsoft Paint, but over time, it turned into lớn a powerful & at the same time simple không lấy phí phokhổng lồ editor, which is able to solve sầu the majority of amateur and semi-professional tasks.

Paint.NET supports working with layers, but it is necessary lớn connect a separate plugin for masks. The application has a large selection of filters and all sorts of tools, but not as wide as that of the GIMP miễn phí Photoshop analogue.

Paint.NET has a simple and comprehensible interface, & the photo lớn editor works quickly even on quite weak computers.

4. Pixlr

Sometimes you have lớn edit the photos on a computer where you simply vì not have sầu permission to install programs, or you need a program that you can run at any time on any computer with Internet access. Then the Pixlr Editor is a great choice.

This is a website application, & it means that it works directly in the browser. Pixlr Editor supports much of what other không tính phí photo lớn editors have. The only thing missing is the automation of routine tasks, and the ability to create macros.

Nevertheless, this không lấy phí Photoshop online analogue can perkhung the operations on several images simultaneously, và it works perfectly with RAW.

5. PhotoScape

The interface of another Adobe Photoshop không lấy phí alternative sầu will be comprehensible & convenient at the same time for both beginners & advanced users. PhotoScape supports not only layers but also không tính tiền Photocửa hàng actions analogues for quick work with common tasks.

Previously, the program was shareware, allowing you to save images only in the resolution of a small format. But more recently, PhotoScape can be used for miễn phí without restrictions, and if you wish, you can support the project with a donation.

6. Krita

Krita isn’t a very popular free Photoshop editor analogue. I lượt thích that its interface resembles Photosiêu thị - the toolbars are situated in a very similar manner.

By mặc định, it has a dark theme (however you may customize it if you’d like to have sầu different) and the tools themselves are very similar to Adobe. There’s tư vấn for tools, & you may also open multiple tabs, like in Photosiêu thị.

It"s completely không tính tiền, but there’s a paid version available for everyone who would like to lớn tư vấn developers.

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Free Photosiêu thị Tools

To make photo lớn editing, designing or drawing easier, you may download the following Ps actions khổng lồ make the process faster và more realistically.