Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition is one of the top tier editions of Windows 7 manufactured by Microsoft. If you are looking khổng lồ download Windows 7 Professional Edition for miễn phí, then you are in the right place. has provided you with 100% legit download liên kết you can use to lớn easily download Windows 7 Professional. Nowadays it is really hard khổng lồ find a download link that works & doesn’t have sầu any issues. Microsoft has also made it impossible khổng lồ download Windows ISO files without having a license key that is valid.

Download Windows 7 Professional Edition ISO files

We have made it super easy for our users lớn tải về Windows OS ISO files easily và without the need for a license key. Not only Windows 7 Professional, but we also provide direct download links for any of the Windows 7 editions here at You can also use the provided ISO files to lớn install Windows 7 Professional in Virtual Box, Hyper-V, or VMware workstation.

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Windows 7 Professional ISO
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Loading...Developer: MicrosoftLicense: Free Trial/PremiumLanguage: EnglishFile Size: 2GB for 32-Bit& 3GB for 64-BitFinal Release: February 2011
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In this article, we also have talked about all the features that are available in Windows 7 Professional edition. Microsoft released Windows 7 in 6 major editions where Windows 7 Professional is superior to Windows 7 trang chủ Basic, Home Premium & Windows 7 Starter in terms of features. But it is inferior if compared lớn Windows 7 Enterprise & Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

Windows 7 Professional is a great operating system in the Windows 7 series that can be used for small businesses or organizations & schools. Windows 7 professional is available in both 32-Bit & 64-Bit versions. Looking at Windows 7 Home Premium, the Professional edition is an improved version in Windows 7 series. The Professional edition is also the best Windows 7 operating system for people who work from both trang chính & their offices.

Windows 7 Professional Main features

Windows 7 professional is similar lớn Home premium in features but, it also has some new features within the networking và data protection aspects. For instance, Windows 7 Professional includes features like EFS & Domain Join which are both unavailable in Windows 7 Home Premium. There are also a few more improvements over the Windows 7 Home premium. Here in this part of the article, we will talk about all those features that are included in Windows 7 Professional & trang chủ premium. We also have talked about the improvements và newly added features khổng lồ Windows 7 Professional.

Features that are available on both Windows 7 trang chủ Premium & Professional

Windows Search
Windows 7 Search Feature

This feature is available on both trang chủ premium & professional edition. With windows search, you can easily look for files or programs on your computer và locate their location or even open them using the search.

Windows Jumpmenu & Pinning
Windows 7 Pinning và Jump List

Using these features is really helpful for those who want to lớn have sầu quiông chồng access to their most frequent programs và files. they can easily pin all those programs they use frequently by just hovering over khổng lồ the program & will see the pin icon. You can also pin the documents you use the most khổng lồ have sầu quick access khổng lồ them as well.

Windows Shake and Windows Peek

This feature is also available on windows 7 professional, with windows shake you can easily minimize all the open windows on your computer and keep the one desired working that you were working on. khổng lồ use windows shake, simply click and hold on the windows bar of the specific windows you don’t want lớn be closed and shake your mouse quickly. All the other windows will now be minimized and only your preferred window will be shown.

Windows 7: Windows Peek

Windows Peek is another feature that lets you have a peek over your desktop and all the gadgets that are displayed. To use this feature, simply hover your mouse cursor over to the bottom right corner of your computer và you will have sầu a previews of the desktop already. You can also minimize all the open windows on your computer by clicking on it.

Live Thumbnails preview
Windows 7: Live Thumbnail preview

This feature is also pretty handy for most users, this feature enables users to see a previews of the windows and even kiểm tra the ongoing process of the programs or any files that are being copied. To use this feature hover your mouse over the window you want lớn see the pReview of on the taskbar and a small panel will appear above sầu your cursor showing you the actual preview of that windows you can see the full pReviews of the same windows or even bring it to the top by hovering over to the panel or clicking on it khổng lồ bring it lớn the top.

Windows 7: HomeGroup

With HomeGroup you can easily tóm tắt files, music, videos & even devices like printers, scanner or any externally connected devices, etc on a connected LAN or Local Area Network. except for windows 7 starter và trang chủ basic, other editions of Windows 7 allows users to either create or join another homegroup which is already created on the network.

Windows Media Center
Windows 7: Windows Media Center

You can now watch movies on your Windows 7 using windows truyền thông center. it also allows you khổng lồ pause, rewind your missed TV programs or even record them. Windows truyền thông center is now unavailable on the newer versions of windows lượt thích Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 as the program has been discontinued by Microsoft.

Windows Touch

Another feature that was introduced with Windows 7 is the windows touch. The feature allows users lớn use their fingers to navigate or perform different tasks on their operating systems. Although users need to have sầu a touch-sensitive sầu monitor khổng lồ be using this feature.

Features of Windows 7 Professional that are not available on Home Premium

Up to lớn 192GB of maximum RAM Support for x64

Windows 7 Home Premium supports up lớn a maximum of 16GB physical memory while Windows 7 Professional supports up lớn 192GBs of RAM.

Domain Join

Domain Join is a feature introduced with Windows 7 that allows users lớn join their work network remotely. Users will need their work credentials khổng lồ remotely join the network. To use this feature go khổng lồ your computer properties và cliông chồng change under computer name, domain and workgroup settings. Although you will have sầu lớn be an administrator khổng lồ use this feature.

Advanced baông chồng up & restore

With Windows 7 professional you can now baông xã up all your files, thư mục or even a complete drive sầu on an external hard drive or over the network. Bachồng up and restore was first introduced with Windows Vista but it didn’t feature Advanced backup & restore where you can store your tệp tin over the network or an external drive. Users can also phối a scheduled backup khổng lồ have sầu windows automatically backup all the necessary files.

Location-aware printing

The location-aware printing feature is for the users having portable devices like laptops or netbooks. With this feature, Windows will keep trachồng of all the network users have been using and that which printers are available on the network that can be used. as Windows already knows the mặc định printers for the different networks it automatically changes the mặc định printers to lớn the available ones.

Encrypted File System or EFS

Encrypted Files system or EFS is a new feature being added lớn Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise & Ultimate. The EFS enables users lớn prsự kiện unauthorized user access or programs to lớn the encrypted tệp tin or thư mục. Basically, this feature locks any tệp tin or thư mục for the users that don’t have the permission khổng lồ use it. People can use this feature khổng lồ put their sensitive data in a place safe where others can’t access them.

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Windows 7 Pro System Requirements:

1 GHz processor1GB of RAM for the 32-Bit version & 2GB of RAM for the 64-Bit version.DirectX 9 compatible graphics card.16GB of Disk space for 32-Bit (x86) and 20GB of disk space for 64-Bit (x64).Sound Card.CD/DVD-ROM.

Windows 7: Download Microsoft Windows 7 Professional ISO Completely Free

License: Free Trial/premiumLanguage: EnglishFile Size: (2.39)GB for 32-Bit & (3.09)GB for 64-BitOperating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 ProfessionalPlatform: WindowsProgram Class: Operating System (OS)Release Date: 22 October 2009Initial Release lớn manufacturing: 22 July 2009Final Release: 22 February 2011 (SP1)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional