Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Free Download Full Version Genuine ISO 64 bit (x64) và 32 bit (x86). Original official ISO downloaded from Microsoft VPS. Windows 7 Ultimate is the best và fullest edition of Windows 7.

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Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Full Version 32 Bit 64 Bit

You might have some confusion about different versions lượt thích Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Ultimate Kickass disk Image ISO file, English ISO Installer Softlay Windows 7 Seven Ultimate genuine version, & several others.

These all are third buổi tiệc ngọt websites that are hosting some collection of software & games. These are not actual developers of software but just tải về the original files from official servers & host them on their own file host servers for their users.

Obviously there are several kém chất lượng & hacking type websites of the same category, but make sure wewill never lead you to such scams & will lead you khổng lồ safe & useful resources.

Download Windows 7 ISO

Start Download Windows 7 for instant and fast downloading Windows Seven 7. No activator, craông xã, serial number, or any tool needed khổng lồ make Window7 genuine, it is already genuine edition.

All essential drivers like Graphics, Sound, Chipset, Ethernet và Adapter drivers, etc. already included. Some modern devices might not be supported so you will need to download their driver khung the Internet.

Themes, Wallpapers, Direct X, Media Player, và other essential không lấy phí Software already included in Win7 SP3 ISO. Enjoy Official Format Windows 7 ISO 32 bit và 64 bit downloaded from Microsoft MS, scanned for viruses, and brought lớn you from faschạy thử download speed with presumable ISO file download tư vấn.

How lớn create bootable Windows 7 USB drive?

Once you tải về ISO file, you need some specific software khổng lồ convert ISO to USB truyền thông media for OS installation.

First, you must have a USB flash drive (or SD card). Please beware that the USB disk will be erased permanently before ISO file extracts in it. So make sure you either use a blank disk or backup (copy/cut & paste) your important data to hard disk.

Next, you need an ISO khổng lồ USB maker software. Here are the best ISO khổng lồ USB software:

Though Microsoft has released its own tool, we recommkết thúc you Rufus. It is much faster, simple & the best Windows ISO khổng lồ USB media creation software.

How to lớn use Rufus to lớn load ISO và extract on USB drive?

As we mentioned above, Rufus is pretty simple to use and fast in performance. Follow these steps:

Insert a USB drive (4 GB minimum, but 8 GB recommended).Launch Rufus.Click on the Select button và select the Windows ISO file.Press the Start button at the bottom lớn start processing.

All done. Just wait to finish the ISO khổng lồ the USB extraction process & your Windows 7 Ultimate USB installation media will be ready.

How to lớn install Windows 7 from USB/DVD

Once you have created the ultimate Windows 7 bootable USB using the Rufus of any other tool (as mentioned above), you are ready to lớn install Windows 7 ultimate using this USB flash drive sầu.

Make sure you have sầu Win7 installation USB disc with you. Plug this flash drive inkhổng lồ the USB port of the computer, then start (or restart) computer và follow these steps:

Press boot menu key (usually F9 for most computers) and select the USB drive from the danh mục.Press any key on your keyboard when prompted.Windows installation files will take a while lớn load & Windows 7 installer cài đặt will start.

Prepare your computer for Win 7 Installation

Now you are in installation setup. Follow further steps lớn start & finish the installation process.

Choose a language, time và currency format, keyboard or input đầu vào method for your computer.Press Next buttonPress the Install Now button khổng lồ start installation at this stage.Wait a few seconds while the thiết lập begins.Windows license terms dialog box will appear. Cheông xã the box with label I accept the license terms and press Next button.Choose the type of installation; upgrade to nâng cấp existing Windows or Custom (advanced) for a fresh clean installation.On the next screen, select the drive you want lớn install Windows 7. Usually, it is the same drive you already have installed the operating system.Select drive sầu and format or press the Next button lớn tự động format. A confirmation box will appear before formatting, select OK lớn format và continue.

Windows 7 Setup (files copying và installation)

Now cài đặt will start copying Windows files, expanding files, features installation, và install updates included in ISO tệp tin. This process will take a while (about 10-30 minutes) to lớn finish và then your computer will restart automatically.

Next, Windows will start for the first time after installation. Just wait again while Windows 7 setup updates registry files and start services.

Setup will finalize the installation process and restarts your computer again.

The actual thiết đặt of the Windows 7 installation is complete here. But you still have sầu to lớn configure things before you can actually start using Windows.

Windows 7 Basic Configuration (after setup)

This time, after the restart, thiết lập will prepare your computer for first use, kiểm tra Clip performance, và a few other things.

Next, a dialog box will appear where you can enter the user name và computer name.

The next screen will ask you khổng lồ enter a password for login to Windows 7. This is optional. You can skip passwords by leaving boxes blank and press the Next button.

The next dialog box will ask you to lớn enter Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key. Well, this is also a kind of optional step. You can enter key if you have or skip this step & press next khổng lồ continue to lớn install Windows 7 without a hàng hóa key.

Now on next screen, choose an update option out of following 3 options:

Use recommended settings (lớn install all updates)Install important updates only (khổng lồ install only security & critical updates)Ask me later (vị not enable automatic updates)

Next, phối your time and date settings. Choose Time zone và cài đặt will try lớn automatically set time and date according to your country standard time. If it does not, you can mix time and date manually.

In the next screen, choose a network type. trang chủ Network is usually appropriate for most users. Press next và Windows will try to lớn connect khổng lồ your chosen network.

Almost done, Windows will prepare your desktop. This step is also automated. Just wait a few seconds, & your fresh Windows 7 desktop will appear in front of you.

All done. Just feel the delight và start using Windows 7 Ultimate edition.

How khổng lồ install Windows 7 on Virtual Machines?

For some reason, if you want to lớn install Win 7 on virtual machines lượt thích VirtualBox or VMware etc. Here is a brief guide for these types of applications.

How lớn install Windows 7 on VirtualBox?

First of all, download VirtualBox for Win7 (if you vì not have it already).

Download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO image from tải về section (above on top of this page)Launch VirtualBox and start creating a new virtual machine.Now select Windows 7 ISO image & accept mặc định settings.Start virtual machine you just created và continue with Windows 7 cài đặt installer.

Installation on VirtualBox is almost the same as normal installation on a real computer.

How lớn install Windows 7 on VMware

First of all, download VMware(if you vì chưng not have it already).

Download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO image from tải về section (above on top of this page)Launch VMware và start creating a new virtual machine.Now select Windows 7 ISO image and accept default settings.Start virtual machine you just created & continue with Windows 7 thiết lập installer.

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Installation on VirtualBox is almost the same as normal installation on a real computer.

Download Windows 7 (32bit-64bit) SP1

Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) ISO Download

File Name:mygicavietnam.com_en_windows_7_ultimate_x86_dvd.isoFile Size:2.39 GB


Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) ISO Download

File Name:mygicavietnam.com_en_windows_7_ultimate_x64_dvd.isoFile Size:3.09 GB


Windows 7 (August 2018)

Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) ISO Download

File Name: mygicavietnam.com_7601.24214.180801-1700.win7sp1_ldr_escrow_CLIENT_ULTIMATE_x86FRE_en-us.isoFile Size: 3.71GB

Mega-1 |Mega-2

Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) ISO Download

File Name: mygicavietnam.com_7601.24214.180801-1700.win7sp1_ldr_escrow_CLIENT_ULTIMATE_x64FRE_en-us.isoFile Size: 5.47GB


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