A frequently encountered issue with Windows 11/10/8/7 is the unexplained High Disk usage which at times freezes all other processes of the system. In a lot of cases, upon checking the Task Manager, it is found that the Windows Modules Installer Worker CPU và Disk Usage is very high – at times even more than 50%!

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

The Windows Modules Installer Worker or WMIW or TiWorker.exe checks for new updates from the Windows server and installs them on your computer system. This process might cause load on the system và in some cases, push the disk usage lớn 100%, thus hanging or freezing all other processes. Restarting the system won’t work, và the issue does not resolve sầu by itself.

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Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU or High Disk Usage

If the Windows Modules Installer Worker is showing High CPU và Disk Usage in Windows 11/10, try the following suggestions:Check if Scheduled Automatic Maintenance is runningCheông chồng if Windows Update is runningScan your PC with AVKill TiWorker.exe cộ processRun Windows Update TroubleshooterRun SFC and DISMDisable automatic Windows UpdateLet us take a look at these methods in detail.1> Cheông xã if Scheduled Automatic Maintenance is runningBefore you begin, you need lớn check if your Windows is running the Scheduled Automatic Maintenance task và if it is, then give it some time – maybe hours, khổng lồ finish. You will see its settings here – Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Security và Maintenance > Automatic Maintenance.2> Chechồng if Windows Update is runningThe usage may also go high if Windows Update is running – so give it some time. If it is not running then run Windows Updates & see if any are available và install them.3> Scan your PC with AVYou might want khổng lồ also scan your computer for malware. So run an antivi khuẩn scan.4> Kill TiWorker.exeHaving done this, the next thing you can try is lớn kill the TiWorker.exe process in the Task Manager itself và restart it and see if it helps. But it is quite likely that the problem will keep recurring. Thus, the concerned service has to be stopped.5> Run Windows Update TroubleshooterRun the Windows Update Troubleshooter và see if it helps you.6> Run SFC and DISMRun the System File Checker and DISM Tool to lớn replace corrupted system files & fix a corrupted system image.7> Disable automatic Windows UpdateIf nothing helps, you may want to lớn see if you want to lớn disable automatic Windows Update. If you bởi decide to lớn, open the Services Manager. This can be done by opening the Run box by pressing the Win+R keys & then running the commvà services.msc.Now tìm kiếm for ‘Windows Modules Installer Worker‘ in the list. The các mục is in alphabetical order.

Double cliông xã on Windows Modules Installer Worker and open the settings window. It is usually mix lớn Automatic. Please change the mode khổng lồ Manual.
Now Search for ‘Windows Update‘ in the services.msc window. Double click on it and open the settings. Change the mode from Automatic khổng lồ Manual just as in the previous case.
If you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, open the ‘Control Panel’ and clichồng on ‘Windows Update’ & then on ‘Change settings’.
Change the setting lớn ‘Cheông xã for updates but let me choose whether to lớn download và install them‘.Windows 11/10 users may need to refer to this post to disable Automatic Windows Update.Reboot the system after completing the procedure above. The procedure above sets the ‘Windows Update’ khổng lồ the Manual mode. Thus, it will not check for updates automatically và only when you commvà it to lớn. This is a workaround till you are able to lớn find the solution.Perhaps booting inlớn Clean Boot State will help you troubleshoot the issue further. Do remember lớn kiểm tra for & update your computer manually every week, in case you choose to follow the last suggestion.Posts about processes using high resources:High mscorsvw.exe pháo CPU usageWuauserv high CPU usageiTunes High CPU usageOneDrive sầu high CPU usage problemWindows Driver Foundation using high CPUWindows Shell Experience Host uses high CPU.

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